Serengeti national Park

3 Days Confort Safari

Tour Itinerary

DAY 1 – Zanzibar/Arusha - Serengeti

You will be picked up by one of our drivers at around 05:00 am and proceed to the Zanzibar airport to catch the flight at 07:00am to Arusha airport. You will find the driver waiting for you and proceed to the lush crater uplands, on the way to Serengeti national park.
Together with your guide, you scout for animals in this pristine corner of the world. You are in no rush and have plenty of time to observe the park’s wildlife and learn about animal behavior as well as their social structures. The Serengeti National Park is the third largest park in Tanzania and is stunningly beautiful. While the landscape in the south is characterized by open grassland as far as you can see,
open woodlands and hills are predominant in the north and west. Together with the Maasai Mara, the Serengeti is host to the Great Migration of millions of wildebeest and zebras, one of the greatest shows on earth.

On our way to Serengeti National Park, we will have a chance of visiting a paleoanthropology site. The gorge, located in between the Ngorongoro Maasai lands and the Serengeti wildlife plains, is a deep ravine more than 48 kilometers (30 miles) in length with a weathered monolith where one can clearly trace the strata of succeeding changes in climate over millions of years. This is where the Louis and Mary Leakey excavated evidence of the evolution of mankind through varied distinct layers of different sediments. These show the development of the area from a lake to dry grassland carved by a river and deeply influenced by volcanic activity. There's so much to learn here Check inn at Tanzania bush camps

DAY 2 – Serengeti full day

Today is a full day of discovery, a chance to enjoy the varied landscapes of the Central Serengeti. The Seronera River weaves its way through the Serengeti, providing waters for all species of wildlife. You will also see the distinctive rocky outcrops, the famous kopjes which characterize the Serengeti landscape. Kopjes are very hard and often granite. They have been aged at maybe 600 million years old and created even before the earth’s surface was pushed up from the ocean. Lions and other cats frequent these
stony places and they are also home to snakes and hyraxes. Slowly weathering in wind and rain, they are peeling off in layers, which you may see on close inspection. Check inn at Tanzania bush camp

DAY 3 – Serengeti – Arusha

After breakfast you will head out for morning game drive letter on the late evening start drive through out of the Serengeti. You might be able to spot the “Big Five” – lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino and leopard – before embarking on your journey to Arusha/Kilimanjaro airport.
This will mark the end of our tour


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